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Our research team

The Signal Processing Laboratory is run by Assistant Professor Deniz Gençağa and our team conducts research in many application areas, such as Bayesian inference, causal analysis of climate change, statistical signal and image processing, speech processing, information theoretic approaches, machine learning, attitude control and neuroscience. We have been coordinating our research activities with the members of our sister laboratory, NeuroLab, which is run by Associate Professor Sevgi Şengül Ayan.

Current members:

         Assistant Prof. Dr. Deniz Gençağa                       Associate Prof. Dr. Sevgi Şengül Ayan
                        (SPLab Head)                                                      (NeuroLab Head)

Student members:
Çağla Dündar (Deep Reinforcement Learning)
Yağmur Akyol (Attitude Control for UUVs)
Mustafa Özyurt (Autonomous Control for UAVs)

Past members:
Assistant Prof. Hajar Farnoudkia (Postdoc in statistics)
Assistant Prof. Uğur Dalaman (Postdoc in biophysics)                   
Ümran Kaya (Doctoral student)
Serkan Kaş (Undergraduate student - Senior project: Bayesian filtering with FPGAs)    

Onur Doğan (Undergraduate student - Information-theoretic approaches, statistical signal processing, cloud computing)                    


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