Our research team

Our research team is composed of two assistant professors, one postdoctoral researcher, one doctoral student and two undergraduate students. We are located at the signal processing laboratory (SPLab) and the neuroscience laboratory (NeuroLab) of the Antalya Bilim University. The SPLab is run by Assistant Professor Deniz Gençağa, and our sister laboratory NeuroLab is run by Assistant Professor Sevgi Şengül Ayan.

         Assistant Prof. Dr. Deniz Gençağa                       Assistant Prof. Dr. Sevgi Şengül Ayan
                        (SPLab Head)                                                      (NeuroLab Head)

Dr. Uğur Dalaman (Postdoctoral researcher)                    Ümran Kaya (Doctoral Student)

     Serkan Kaya (Undergraduate Student)                         Onur Doğan (Undergraduate Student)